Hal Sutton Golf Academy

At the Hal Sutton Golf Academy, we believe that your individuality is your greatest asset and your swing is your signature on the game. Come join us in our relentless search for the truth and a better way to learn the game. Learn how to play the game as only YOU can.


PGA Legend Hal Sutton

Proficient & Experienced Instruction

It’s not every day that you get a chance to get a lesson from a former Ryder Cup captain and multiple PGA Tour winner. That’s why the Big Easy Ranch partnered with PGA legend Hal Sutton for personal instruction at the Hal Sutton Golf Academy. The Academy is set on the Big Easy, a 9-hole par-3 Chet Williams championship course, built on the beautiful 1,300-acre Big Easy Ranch.

Hal Sutton, a former PGA champion in 1983, winner of 14 PGA Tour titles including two TPC titles (considered the fifth major) in a long, storied career and Ryder Cup captain in 2004 offers completely customized programs. He’ll share 35-plus years of expertise and experience in individual lessons, group sessions, or playing lessons. Be the Right Club Today!

We are so fortunate to have had a chance to have our daughter, Anne, work with one of the golf greats, Mr. Hal Sutton. Mr. Sutton’s vast golf knowledge and dedication has been such a positive influence on our daughter’s golf game – both physically and mentally.
~ Byron and Julie, parents of Junior Golfer Anne Chen

The Hal Sutton Golf Academy offers a unique golf instruction experience not offered anywhere -not to mention receiving instruction from a touring PGA professional.
~ Roger Plott

Our family has come to know Hal over the last 12 years as man that has great vision and a deep desire to make things better. We’ve seen tremendous growth in our son, Travis, in how he competes – in all sports, and how he is able to handle pressures he faces. Hal has been a big part of that development.
~ Trey and Amanda Vick

Because of Mr. Sutton, I have learn to play the game of golf better than ever and to striving to reach my potential as an athlete. It’s not just about the swing or how far I can hit the ball, it’s about how to control yourself under pressure, keeping a positive attitude and not giving up when times are hard.
~ Anne Chen