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We understand the importance technology plays in today’s day and age. Technology tells the truth and allows Hal and staff to get to the root cause much faster. We’ll leave no stone unturned in our journey to take your game to the next level.


TrackMan provides the platform that helps you improve your golf game whether you are a Tour Pro or a Sunday golfer looking to cut a few strokes off your round. We have provided ball flight data and swing analysis to the professional golf industry since 2003. Manufacturers, tour pros, teachers, students and range facilities all take advantage of the TrackMan numbers on a daily basis.

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GEARS is a full body optical motion tracking system designed to measure and analyze every aspect of sport-specific skills, in full 3D, executed in a game-like scenario. This technology assists pros, coaches, and trainers to maximize athlete performance by revealing the underbelly of movement mechanics like you’ve never seen before.

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Swing Catalyst

The Swing Catalyst video analysis software has been praised by coaches around the world for its user-friendliness and includes all thinkable tools for swing analysis. Via the software an instructor is able to receive swings recorded in the Swing Catalyst App and create video lessons that are sent directly back to the students..

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3D motion capture is like having a 3D camera you can use anywhere. Why Guess When You Can Know? Capture, analyze, and store data on: Rotations, tilts, angles, Sway, thrust, lift, 3D wrist angles, Six degrees of freedom, Launch monitor integration

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