First Class Experience


Why Us?

The answer is simple… No one else in the country is doing what we are doing. No one else has Hal Sutton, a 14-time PGA Tour Winner and Ryder Cup Captain who can give you a playing lesson and then take you into our lab where Chase Cooper can use our cutting edge technology to improve your golf swing. Old school meets new school at the Hal Sutton Golf Academy.

Hal Sutton

PGA Tour Legend

Hal Sutton – Born April 28, 1958 in Shreveport, Louisiana, established himself as a competitive golfer at an early age. He played golf in his hometown at Centenary College where he had a highly successful collegiate career, winning 14 golf tournaments. After graduating college, Hal began his professional career where he became one of the most prolific players the game has ever known.

“I personally believe that what I do with my game is far less important than what I might help somebody else do with their own game.” ~ Hal

Chase Cooper

Director of Instruction

Chase brings a new school approach to the Hal Sutton Golf Academy. Chase played both collegiate and professional golf at a very high level before becoming an instructor. Prior to joining the Big Easy, Chase conducted educational seminars around the world, and analyzed thousands of players’ swings using 3D motion capture. Chase will be using his golf expertise and experience, as well as his extensive background with our different golf technologies, to help golfers of all skill levels reach their goals.